May 20, 2012

Wow I haven't updated in over a month... now that's what I call laziness. No no just kidding! I have actually been very very busy over the past month. I am happy to say that I have passed 3 of my CPA examinations (one more left!!!! :D) and I have graduated with my Master in Accountancy degree with a 3.97 GPA. I have also secured a job with a big accounting company which I will be stating in October.  I also went hiking, made my vegetable and flower gardens, and tried a lot of new recipes (which I will make updates for soon). What can I say, typing up all of this stuff and making the webpages takes quite some time !

For now though I have added a couple more recipes: Blackberry Sour Cream Cake, Very Berry OJ Juice, and Mizeria Salad.​


April 12, 2012

Happy past Easter!
To celebrate I am posting up some traditional Easter Polish recipes. One is Salatka Jarzynowa. This is cooked vegetable root salad with mayo. The other is Schab w Galarecie. This is pork tenderloin with some veggies arranged in a thin layer and set with vegetable flavored gelatin, served with white vinegar.

March 17, 213

Just added the gardening section to my site. I decided to start a vegetable and flower garden this summer. But instead of buying already grown plants, I'm going to attempt to grow everything from seeds. I have no experience in this at all, but hopefully all will turn out well! Bring it on :)

March 13, 2013

I feel so proud of myself, my first ever attempt at making ribs was a success! :D I always looked at ribs as something that is so difficult to make! This Jack Daniels recipe turned out to be so delicious and easy to make, go ahead and give it a try!


March 8, 2013

So I have been looking for some cake recipes to make for Easter. I know I know, Easter is still a month away, but I like to prepare ahead of time! I stumbled upon a Japanese Cheesecake recipe. In the past, I have eaten American cheesecake which is very rich and dense. I use to be in love with this type of cheesecake, but I think I ate too much of it and now I can't eat it anymore! I have also eaten Polish cheesecake, which is a lot lighter than American cheesecake, but for some reason I just don't like the texture. And now I found out that there is a Japanese cheesecake, I guess that every county has their own version! After making this recipe, I have to say that this cheesecake is to die for! From the outside it looks like a dull cake, but once you bite in..... omg..... it's soooooooo light and airy and tasty! Give this recipe a try, I think it will be great addition to your Easter menu.

March 2, 2013

Finally have my site up and running! It was so much fun designing it. I only have a couple of recipes up so far. I'll be adding more soon I just want to get exact measurements in for the recipes, which means that I have to remake every recipe before I post them. Hope you enjoy!

Welcome to my site!

My name is Angelika and this blog is dedicated to hobbies that I love which make me o so happy.  :)

This mostly encompasses adapting recipes from cookbooks or creating my own, decorating, travel, and most recently, I will be starting my first garden!

I hope that you are able to find some useful things on my site and I would love to hear about your experiences if you try one of my recipes!



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